Our Background

History and Creation

Youth Concept Forum Building Aspirants (YOCOFOBA) is a youth-led, non-profit, non-governmental, Community Service Organization (CSO) created on the 6th November 2006 and legally registered on the 19th July 2007 as a Common Initiative Group, with registration number NW/GP/30/07/11162

Objectives and Mission

YOCOFOBA is geared towards improving on the livelihood of youths in the community, making them to live a more responsible and future oriented lives, the development of the poorest, underprivileged and most vulnerable communities in Mezam Division. Through creating a communal dialogue between the youths and the different community stake holders with the aim of harnessing the energy, creativity and zeal of young people towards community development, participation in good governance geared towards peace and youth development.

Our objects inter alia are:

Our Values are: hard work, equity, accountability and tolerance



YOCOFOBA has a management board comprising of 5 members who were initiators of the organization. They decide on the policy and vision of the organization as well as validating projects proposed by the executives. Besides, there is the executive committee charged with the running of the daily activities of the organization, project conception and implementation. The executive is made up of 7 members, headed by a President. The organization has 5 volunteers.