Peace Sensitization Campaign against Violence and Extremism

YOCOFOBA executed a Peace Sensitization Campaign in Tubah against Violence and Extremism project in 2015/16 against the backdrop of the activities of the terrorist group Boko Haram in Northern Cameroon. We reiterated the importance of interreligious dialogue, tolerance, mutual respect, civic responsibility and peace. All schools within the municipality where part of the project. A solidarity match pass and interreligious prayers held at the Divisional Office. Humanitarian support was forwarded to victims of the violence of terrorism in the northern parts of Cameroon.

Female Conservative Champions League

Since 2015, during summer holidays, YOCOFOBA has been organizing a Female Competitive Champions League with the aim of exposing the female sex to realizing their talent and sensitizing them on environmental conservation. The project is a sporting tournament which permitted the participants to plant over 1000 trees around water catchment environs of the municipality each summer. The project has been proudly sponsored by the Member of Parliament for the Bafut-Tubah municipality, Hon. Fusi Naamukong.

Building food security through proper beekeeping practices in Big Babanki

This project aims to support the livelihoods of 15 members of the Big Babanki community through building their capacity in modern beekeeping practices. The project selected 15 committed members of the community, trained them in apiculture and equips them with the necessary materials for opening their own advanced apiary. This project was funded by Anike Foundation USA. Trainings were led by YOCOFOBA’s president, MBIFI Valentine MBIFI and a Community Agribusiness Peace Corps Volunteer, who has participated in a US Peace Corps training of trainers on the topic of beekeeping.

Multimedia Resource Center

In October 2010, Anike Foundation USA made the first shipment of laptops, flat-panel monitors, whiteboards, and cabinets to YOCOFOBA.  YOCOFOBA’s office now has one laptop with internet access, whereas previously we would have had to seek an available computer in the local area. The President of the organization, says, “We are happy Anike Foundation is helping to link us with the outside world through their educational materials."

Water Catchment Project for the Koh Quarter of KedjomKeku

In 2010, a Water Catchment Project for the Koh Quarter of KedjomKeku Village by YOCOFOBA was realized and sponsored by the embassy of the USA in Yaoundé. The community had no reliable water source and drank from running streams, far-off springs and rain water sources. Thanks to the project, the villagers have a reliable supply of pipe borne water.

HIV/AIDS sensitization and voluntary screening

Several HIV/AIDS sensitization and voluntary screening campaign around Tubah by YOCOFOBA have been carried out in partnership with Mbingo Baptist Hospital. This helps the youths to understand the meaning of HIV/AIDS, the various modes of transmission, prevention methods, know their HIV/AIDS health status and how to live positively if one is already infected.